Google Instant Search Disables Classic View For iPhone

by Boca Raton SEO Guy 10. September 2010 21:58

A few days ago Google rolled out one of the largest UI changes to date, dubbed Google Instant Search; it allows you to preview the results as you type in the search field.

So far it seems that the new user interface has been met with good reviews, of course there was the naysayers whom proclaimed this the end to Google and the end to SEO and even some SEM folks where up in arms about the possible implications to their PPC campains.

I typically stay away from hype such as the above but when a huge change occurs that effects how I do things I tend to open my mouth.

As you can see from the screenshots below, the mobile version of Google and the classic or full version of Google on the iPhone are the same.

More than likely this has to do with the way that Google Instant Search is delivered and over the iPhone with an unreliable and slower connection it looks like they are simply forcing mobile search away from the very heavy data usage of Google Instant Search.

BlackBerry and Droid users will have to comment below as I do not have access to those devices.

Any other issues that you have seen since this went live?


iPhone Screenshot showing the default mobile version of Google


iPhone screenshot showing the Google classic version.


I apologise in advance for not having a pre Google Instant Search screenshot of the classic version on the iPhone. If anybody has one please send it over and I will upload to this blog post.

I forgot how to take a screenshot from the iPhone so I Googled it, thanks goes out to Daniel Nations at the Examiner for their "how to snap an iPhone screenshot" tutorial.

That's All For Now,
The Boca Raton SEO Guy


9/10/2010 11:13:11 PM #

Keri Morgret

In the Google Instant FAQ at, they write "
Google Instant is not yet available on mobile, but we plan to release it soon. "

Keri Morgret | Reply

9/11/2010 8:22:14 AM #

Boca Raton SEO Guy

Thanks for the link Keri, I heard them mention the fact that Instant Search will be available sometime later during the live streaming event, but the fact remains that smart phone users are now forced into the mobile version of Google.

Boca Raton SEO Guy | Reply

9/30/2010 2:12:22 PM #



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