How to get to the top of Google without a website, for free

by Boca Raton SEO Guy 30. May 2010 22:09

How to increase web traffic for free

I was driving home from Memorial Day weekend today and was thinking about business owners that do not have a website and it occured to me that just because some business owners do not have a website does not mean that they cannot get into the search results.

Here is how:

Google Places, formerly Google Local Business Center is ideally suited for business owners with a physical location. I have seen many Google Place listings that do not have a website be in the top 3 for their location.

So if you do not have a website or any online presense at all doesn't mean that you cannot generate leads from Google search. You can also do the same thing for free on Yahoo! and Bing.

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How to get to the top of Google without a website, for free

Get a #1 spot on Google for your keywords without a website. | Reply

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