Site Performance Horrible After Installing Odiogo plugin

by Boca Raton SEO Guy 10. September 2010 22:52

Odiogo if you havent heard of it is a blog post to audio conversion widget which allows you to not have to record audio but still have a podcast feed. The service is pretty neat but has lead to some terrible load times on my site.

From the picture below you can see the image from a Site Performance report in the Labs section of my Google WebMaster Tools account and as clearly shows in late July when I installed the widget is when my site performance spikes, I have since disabled it until I can come up with an alternate solution.

Got any tips on how to optimize Odiogo for better performance?

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9/14/2010 5:07:16 AM #

single women

Thanks for the entry. I just about passed your site up in Ask but now I'm glad I clicked on through and got to browse through it. I'm definitely better informed now. I'll be telling my buddies about your site. They'll definitely get a kick out of what I just read too.

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3/29/2011 3:10:22 PM #


I installed Odiogo's Wordpress plugin about a month ago and almost immediately noticed the same degradation in performance. My current web host has unlimited bandwidth and storage so my solution was to download the MP3 files that Odiogo automatically generated and then upload them locally to my own hosting server. I left the plug-in intact behind the scenes so the audio files are still generated but I changed the code in the plugin so that it doesn't automatically insert the Odiogo scripts and iframes into my page anymore. It took a little finagling on the code side, but I finally reverted all the links back to my local copies of the MP3s and performance has been back to normal ever since.  It's a great service for creating podcasting files but they really need to work on their bandwidth issues if they insist on linking everything back to their own servers.

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