How to get your website to show up on google

by Boca Raton SEO Guy 1. May 2010 10:05

How to get your website to show up on google


One of the most basic things to do when you are building your website is to get the search engines to crawl or spider your site so that you start appearing in the SERPS or search engine result sets.


As SEO practictioner's we probably do not even discuss these things with our clientelle as usually the clients that we deal with are looking for an increase in the sites ranking and not to simply get it listed in the search engines index in the first place.


Currently there is only three ways for the search engines to include your website in their index.

  1. Google, Yahoo and Bings, Add URL links
  2. BackLinks
  3. Webmaster tools


All 3 major search engines have a page where you can submit a URL for them to include in their index, however the preferred method of getting your website to show up in google or yahoo or bing or any search engine for that matter is for them to find your website from external backlinks.


Here are the top 3 search engines today and their add URL forms.



Not to say that adding your brand new domain name via the add url forms on each of the search engines listed above is a bad thing, on the contrary it should be a supliment to you gaining backlinks from other external websites.


So the last question to answer here is how do you gain backlinks from other websites?

Here are some quick ideas on where to start searching for places to advertise your website.

  • Friends and or family's websites, got an uncle, cousin or nephew that owns a website?
  • Co-workers, You might be suprised to find out that your co-worker in accounting has a hobby or weekend business website.
  • Local directories and Yellow Page type sites, these are the easiest and Google regularly crawls these sites and you will get picked up and crawled rather quickly.
  • Social Networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Flickr, although most of these websites add a no-follow attribute that prevents link juice from flowing to your website for the keywords that you use as anchor text at least you can get the attention of the search engine crawlers to begin including you in the index in the first place.
  • Industry forums, some forums allow you to include a link back to your homepage from your signature or user profile.
  • Search Engine Webmaster tools, Searh engines want to crawl your site and as such have added a suite of tools for you to use for free to help you understand what they know about your website and to possibly correct any issues that may arise.


Got any other good ideas on how to get your website to show up on Google?


That's All For Now,
The Boca Raton SEO Guy


7/16/2010 11:37:41 AM #

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7/17/2010 12:23:47 AM #

Boca Raton SEO Guy

Thank you for the feedback, can I ask that you send me a screenshot?

Boca Raton SEO Guy | Reply

7/22/2010 10:51:05 PM #

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How can I send this blog to my friends? Can I just email it?

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7/22/2010 11:03:08 PM #

Boca Raton SEO Guy

@figure competitors,
There are a couple of ways

1) In the top right corner of this blog post is a share this widget, click that and you should get a drop down of available options to spread the word about this site. One of which being to email it to your friends.

2) You could click on the FaceBook Like button at the top of your post for your FaceBook friends.

3) Copy and paste the URL from the address bar and email it to whomever you wish.

For maximum exposure to all of your friends online you could do all 3.

Thanks for sharing

Boca Raton SEO Guy | Reply

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Why you should not pay an SEO company for search engine submission

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8/10/2010 1:28:24 PM #

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It's all about external seo. More weight is put on other websites talking about your website than your actual website itself.

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